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Browse the web and watch together online

Enjoy movie night online with your long-distance partner, start a watch party with good buddies, or hang out and binge anime with your best friend.

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Explore the web in perfect sync

Hyperbeam Watch Party lets you share a multiplayer web browser with everyone in your (virtual) room. The result is a completely hassle-free watch party experience where you can visit almost any website and pass control of the browser to anyone.

Say goodbye to screenshare

Hyperbeam Watch Party's multiplayer web browsers take watch parties to the next level. Because they run on our own servers, you don't need an amazing internet connection to enjoy high quality streams in sync.

Everyone can participate

Pass around control and collaborate effortlessly. Hyperbeam Watch Party's multiplayer browsers are designed to be as simple to use as your standard web browser.

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Has everything you need

  • Create website and video playlists
  • Pass around control with a click
  • Save your favorite sites
  • Continue where you left off
  • Chat with emojis and GIFs
  • Audio and video calling
  • Private rooms
  • Custom invite links

Vaporize the distance

Hyperbeam Watch Party helps you stay close, even when you’re apart. Try it for free!